How to register a company in Dubai south free zone: complete guide


Dubai – a Disneyland for businesspersons of all sorts and the shopping Centre of the Middle East is a city that managed to transform itself completely in merely two decades. Such rapid growth is not something magical, but rather a result of opportunism that came with the realization of the advantages of its geographical positioning.

Company Setup in Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South is a city purposely built around A Maktoum International Airport, the largest airport in the world, when complete. With an area of 145 sq. km, Dubai South is self-sustaining and incorporates all businesses, logistics, and global trades, Dubai flying within the smart urban environment of development. Ultimately, it will support population of over a million, across an array residential, retail, healthcare, education and hospitality sectors. It is quickly emerging as a prominent global destination and is the official home of the World Expo 2020.

At Dubai company registration, qualified consultants look out for the w company registration process from start to end and provide support to setting up business in Dubai. The law of United Arab Emirates requires local sponsorship for foreign clients to establish business. Business setup services offer local sponsorship services for their clients to enable their business establishment. Setting up a new company in South is becoming and easier than ever. The business setup process in is a six step process.

First Step: Select a Company Type

To register your company in Dubai you must need to select one the following company types:

Limited Liability Company LLC

A DVC limited liability company is a new legal entity with its own legal Personality. The responsibility of its associates (shareholders) is restricted to the cost of the share capital they hold in the business. The limited liability company (LLC) must have a company secretory, Directors, general manager, and shareholders. It should also have the designation DWC-LLC.


A Branch is a representative office of a legal entity that already exists outside of the DWC Free Zone (local or international) A Branch does not have its separate legal makeup, and it originates its control and rights from the parent body (company). A Branch must have a Manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Branch, but it will not have board of directors or company secretory.

Second step: Choose a facility

The second step in registration process is to choose the proper facility according to the specific needs of your business. You can select from a variety of options such as offices, coworking spaces, smart desks, dedicated desks, warehouse, and lands.

Third step: choose correct license type

Your company activity regulates which type of license you need. It is required for you to establish legal presence and get license related to the activities you purpose to undertake.

Fourth step: Get a PO Box

In order to setting up business in in Dubai, one needs to rent a corporate PO Box service. Emirates post have different types of P.O. Box services to fulfill the specific needs of every company.

Fifth step: submit application form

In fifth step of company registration process, you need to fill and submit application form relevant to your business with required documents.

Sixth step: document submission and payment

The sex step involves submitting required legal documents with form and submitting the payment of related fees.