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An Office for Every Budget

Co-working spaces are the hottest opportunity in Dubai realty sector. Scores of young entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s are in pursuit of spectacular looking coworking space in fancy locations to call their new homes.

Prior to the advent of co-working space, budding entrepreneurs and freelancers who could not afford a full-fledged office space would have opted to work from home. But working from home comes with its own set of drawbacks. While it is practically free, one tends to lack the motivation to do work and get easily distracted. Most importantly, home offices do not have that professionalism which a growing businesses require.

A co-working space comes in all sizes and can meet even the most minuscule budgets. The Executive Lounge Business Center offers short term contracts allowing business the flexibility to scale up and down as and when it is required. A big prerogative of co-working space is that it comes fully fitted out with the latest furniture, IT equipment and fixtures. This is not only suitable for the business but it also has a positive effect on the entrepreneur’s efficiency.

Beautiful interiors and amazing amenities that co-working space offers often make people think that the monthly fee must be high. But this is a myth.

Here are a few ways co-working spaces can help budding firms save money:

Pay only for the SPACE you use

When you rent a coworking space in Dubai through The Executive Lounge, you pay only for the workspace you really use. Communal areas like the lobby, washrooms and pantry are shared by all and managed by us. This helps you to save money and get a lot of additional space free of cost.

Fit out Ready

You don’t need to worry about buying chairs and desks or choosing the paint and carpeting. Coworking space in Dubai is fully fitted with all the furniture, appliances and décor that you will need. Thus, you have saved on fit-out costs.

Zero Overheads

When you choose to work at a co-working space, all you are charged for is the monthly rent. No utility bills, no Wi-Fi costs, equipment repairs etc. By saving money on overheads, you can focus your funds on the improvement of your business. Furthermore, treat your clients to free beverages like tea, coffee and more. You can also take advantage of free meeting rooms, printers and additional facilities when you have an office at The Executive Lounge.

Additional staff that are NOT on your payroll

In a traditional office, you would have to pay administrative staff, janitors, maintenance staff and other staff on a monthly basis. At a co-working space, these costs are borne by the leaser. You need to pay only for certain support staff services as and when you use them. At The Executive Lounge, cleanliness is our top priority. Our janitors ensure that washrooms, pantry, and your office spaces are fresh and functional every day to nurture a professional ambiance.

No end of tenancy costs

When you take up an office space on a long-term lease, the leaser charges you a fee for repairs and renovations at the end of your contract. This is charged so that the office can be restored back to its original state and be made ready for the next occupier. Co-working space does not charge this fee unless you have caused any major damage to the workspace. That’s more money saved.

Choose The Executive Lounge  to find the right co-working space in Dubai that meets all your specifications as well as your budget. Contact our experts  today!

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