5 reasons why your business needs a virtual office in Dubai


Over the past few years, Dubai has emerged as an influential business hub attracting commodities from both – East and West. The open economy, its strategic location and integrated infrastructure are the prime reasons a great number of foreign companies find the Emirates a great prospect for opening their branch offices and subsidiaries

However, the opportunity is usually limited to the large multinational companies whereas startups and mid-sized business organizations often opt for ‘virtual office space in Dubai’ as their business destination.

What is a virtual office space?

As the name implies, a virtual office space is a work environment that lacks a physical space but does bear an authentic postal address for marketing purpose.

At the Executive Lounge Dubai, our consultants offer virtual office services to the clients interested in this facility.

Here, let’s take a look at some of the benefits a virtual office space in Dubai has to offer.

1. Low cost

Overhead costs in Dubai such as rental, front desk management, IT, and maintenance can be quite overwhelming. This is a problematic area specifically for freelancers, individual workers, and startups that are equipped with limited resources to set up their business in Dubai.

To keep costs low, many of them also prefer to operate from home but hesitate in giving the same address to their client base for correspondence.

virtual dedicated space for such business owners proves to be a cost-effective solution allowing them to work from any discreet location with a dedicated UAE address to ease communication.

2. Easy to setup

In comparison to the western and European nations, the laws of UAE are strict and comprehensive. Companies that wish to lease rental commercial space have to go through a number of inspections to ensure all immigration, tenancy, and licensing rules are observed.

Some industries in the UAE also require sponsorship of a local partner who will hold the majority of interest in the business.

To avoid a long list of scrutiny, SMBs and even established business organizations can utilize virtual office space and get started on the development of their business quickly.

3. Ability to assess the market

Establishing a business in the UAE holds many potentials. However, with any investment, it is best to conduct thorough market research before making any long-term commitment.

Most virtual office spaces work on monthly or ad hoc basis whereas physical office space can be leased on long-term contracts. The lack of significant financial obligation on the investors allow them to ‘test’ the market condition of Dubai for their specific niche before committing to a continuing plan.

4. Increases employee productivity

A virtual office solution gives employees the chance to work from their home. Less commute, flexible hours, and a non-distracting work environment lead the employees to conduct their task in a more productive and efficient manner.

By operating on virtual medium, business owners can too hire workers from all over the world – thus having access to a larger talent pool to help your business thrive.

5. A professional and credible image

Seeing a mobile phone number or a home address on business correspondences might lead the prospective and current customers to doubt the legitimacy of your business.

On the other hand, a prestigious business address and phone number on your business cards, letterheads, websites, and email create a professional, legitimate, and credible image of your business. Appearing professional enhances the businesses reach and makes them more approachable.