Co-working Space in Dubai


Co-working spaces are the hottest opportunity in Dubai realty sector. Scores of young entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME’s are in pursuit of spectacular looking coworking space in fancy locations to call their new homes.

Prior to the advent of co-working space, budding entrepreneurs and freelancers who could not afford a full-fledged office space would have opted to work from home. But working from home comes with its own set of drawbacks. While it is practically free, one tends to lack the motivation to do work and get easily distracted. Most importantly, home offices do not have that professionalism which a growing businesses require.

A co-working space comes in all sizes and can meet even the most minuscule budgets. The Executive Lounge Business Center offers short term contracts allowing business the flexibility to scale up and down as and when it is required. A big prerogative of co-working space is that it comes fully fitted out with the latest furniture, IT equipment and fixtures. This is not only suitable for the business but it also has a positive effect on the entrepreneur’s efficiency.

Beautiful interiors and amazing amenities that co-working space offers often make people think that the monthly fee must be high. But this is a myth.