Coworking Space with Lounge Access in Dubai


Businesses are adopting modern ways of working to cater to the needs of employees and keep up the pace. As a result, the demand for flexible workspace grows and has been evolved from the traditional office set up to a more open coworking space trend in Dubai. Many workspace providers are offering a hybrid model, which is a mix of private office spaces and open spaces to effectively deliver their workspace solutions. 

If you are looking for a flexible workspace in Dubai that offers the blend of ideal coworking space and comfortable open seating, then get in touch with The Executive Lounge Business Center. We offer luxury coworking spaces with lavish lounge access while allowing you to enjoy our full range of services. 

Why Lounge Areas are Important?

According to Turnstone Study, 32% of 18-34-year-olds prefer working in lounge areas to traditional work settings. Therefore, many businesses are striving to leverage the coworking space trend in Dubai along with effective lounges to increase their productivity.

How it Affect Your Business?

When your workspace in Dubai includes both coworking and lounge area, it benefits your business in various aspects. 

Different Experience

Working in lounge areas gives a different experience for employees than from their conventional workspaces. Be it our luxury coworking space or open seating, you can change the workstations every day as per your choice. 

Enhance Your Networking

When you are working in a coworking space, you will be surrounded by professionals from other companies. If you work in the lounge, you will have a chance to not just meet people from your coworking community but also from diverse communities. This will help make new connections and enhance your social networking, which brings in more opportunities to grow your business. 

Creative Thinking

The pleasant ambiance and flexible seating options will always encourage you to think better. We designed our workspace in Dubai in such a way that it inspires you to think creatively and move the ideas forward. 

Increase Productivity

We follow the coworking space trend in Dubai and enable you to work with like-minded people, design a unique work atmosphere, creative lounges, fostering connections, and implement all other possible ways that help motivate you to work better which in turn increases your productivity. 

Business Opportunities

Our workspace solutions allow you to engage with other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas and knowledge. This will increase your business exposure to potential clients and help create new business opportunities. 

Work-life Balance

Our luxury coworking space and lounge area will promote healthy work-life balance by allowing you to de-stress in our more relaxed environment. Sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee at our cafeteria with your co-workers while sharing your new ideas. 


We will give you the flexibility to select the coworking workstation or lounge area of your choice. However, you just need to pay for the office space you use. Work the way you choose to; all our services are equally extended to our coworking clients.

The Executive Lounge Business Center luxury coworking spaces are equipped with comfortable furniture, high-speed data connections, refreshments, printers, scanners, telephone booths, and other facilities that are required to work seamlessly. Our flexible workspace in Dubai is a perfect mix of coworking space and open area that gives you the greater comfort of your own home while allowing you to access all resources and share amenities and vibrant common areas. Our innovative workspace solutions bring endless benefits to co-workers from enhanced productivity to work-life balance.