Dubai Expat Guide: Best Way to Find a Virtual Office in Dubai


Dubai is the most important trade network in the UAE as its legislation allows free trade, which is attracting foreign investors from various industries. Establishing a business presence in the Dubai market opens enormous opportunities for business owners which expands its customer base and revenue. Majority of the business owners prefer to setup Virtual Office compared to establishing a subsidiary or branch office to keep the costs low.

Virtual Office is a work environment that doesn't have a physical office space but carries Dubai address for marketing operations. It is an ideal solution for business owners who would like to set up a business in Dubai with minimal investment as it minimizes the expenditure involved in the traditional office setup. There are service providers in Dubai who offer Virtual Office package that encompasses various services and find the best Virtual Office for company registration. The Virtual Office package offered by a service provider includes various services such as Dubai address, phone number, Email communication, bank statement collection, conference room arrangements, etc.

Virtual Office Setup Rules

The business owners should not give the home address as a business address for any marketing purposes as it is against their law.

The current Dubai's business law states that business owners must rent physical office space to set up business in Free Zone. Therefore, some virtual office service providers offer virtual space in the form of conference rooms, office desk, etc., that the business owners can visit on a need basis, which also satisfies the requirement of having a physical location for the business.

Companies that move from one free zone to another shall terminate the business and perform the entire set up process again with respect to the new free zone.

Registered businesses can associate with other free zone or mainland businesses by ensuring its compliances with free zone regulations

Virtual Office Fees

Fees to setup Virtual Office includes various aspects and varies from one free zone to the another. The Virtual Office package includes amenities, fees, and the visas required. The number of visas required differs based on the free zone selected, which usually varies from 4 to 5. If the business owners require a large number of visas, then they must rent physical office space for the business set up.

The rules and regulations to setup Virtual Office may vary from one free zone to another. The business owners must understand the regulations that are assigned to a specific place before setting up the business. Sometimes, they will not allow using a virtual office in some regions. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to a virtual office service provider who can offer the right Virtual Office package that meets your business needs. They will also help you out with the essential paperwork involved in the Virtual Office setup. Get the best Virtual Office for company registration at affordable cost with expert advice from the Virtual Office service providers in Dubai.