Find out if renting coworking space service office in Dubai is suitable for your start-up


In a coworking space, companies, mostly start-ups, share office space with other companies from all industries. For some, such an office community is just the thing; others prefer their own private office. Before you decide to rent a serviced office in Dubai, it is important to understand the benefits. In this blog, we explain various advantages of a flexible or permanent job in a coworking space.

1. Free feedback and possible collaborations

As a freelancer or self-employed in a one-man business you work all by yourself. Certainly, it has some advantages. However, you will undoubtedly miss occasional input or clear opinions from a colleague. You are never alone in a coworking space, even though you only work for yourself. You are surrounded by entrepreneurs from different industries, all of whom have the same ambition and passion for entrepreneurship as you do.

2. Cost savings

As a start-up, it is not immediately financially possible to rent an office, let alone buy one. However, you may have already reached a certain level that requires your own office, for example to receive customers or hold meetings. In these cases, office communities are ideal. After all, a meeting in your living room would be unprofessional. A meeting room for a rent is a cheaper alternative that offers some of the services that you would get in your own office.

3. Flexibility

The goal of many entrepreneurs is to have their own office. Sometimes a company also needs more flexibility. A coworking serviced office spaces offers you freedom above all. For example, if you have many customers from Sharjah, you can look for a job in Sharjah. If your customer base in the following month mainly consists of customers based in Dubai, you can easily settle in Dubai.

4. More productive

Do you usually work from home? In this case, a job in a coworking space can make you much more productive. In a home office, you can be distracted often and especially quickly. When working from home, you are particularly tempted to take more frequent breaks because you have no fixed times and are in your familiar surroundings.

In a coworking serviced office space Dubai, people that are also busy expanding their business and fanatically working to achieve success surround you. This will also motivate you to be more consistent. There is a certain "control.” You always have to differentiate between work and private life. Start your working day only when you enter the office and end it as soon as you leaves the building. It is better to separate work and private life.

5. Networking

A coworking space is a place where you can learn and grow. It is a place full of knowledge in different areas. Since every entrepreneur is an expert in his own field. Seize every opportunity, experienced entrepreneurs to ask for help and gain more knowledge. This coworking serviced office benefits your company's growth. Keyword networking: Every entrepreneur has his own network from which you can make new contacts in order to expand your own network.