Find the Best Pro Service Consultant in Dubai


Public Relations Officer (PRO) services are one of the crucial parts of your business setup in Dubai. Every business needs a PRO or a consultant offering PRO services in Dubai to stay up-to-date with the constantly changing laws in Dubai. When you are not familiar with the government authorities and regional requirements, your business survival in the UAE market is arduous. Therefore, seeking expert advice to carry out all the PRO services of your business is highly recommended. 

Looking for the best consultant offering pro services in UAE and Dubai? Then you are in the right place. The Executive Lounge Business Center is one of the best consultants offering PRO services in UAE and Dubai, which ensures that your company duly complies with all the UAE governance standards. It manages all the documentation required for visa applications, trade licenses, and labor cards.

The Executive Lounge PRO services in Dubai encompass the obtaining and renewal of the licenses and registrations required to smoothen your business setup process in Dubai. We are the best PRO company Dubai offering visa processing and renewal for family, residents, and employees including visit visa extensions, driving licenses, and VIP services for medicals.

Why choose The Executive Lounge PRO services?

Expert Advice

With our extensive knowledge and excellence in delivering professional services, we ensure the best of our services and streamline your business setup process.

Save Time

We associated with professional PRO service providers having direct access to the UAE government departments who help in obtaining the documentation approvals quickly and save your time to stay long in the queue for license application.

Reduced Costs

When you are working with the best PRO company Dubai, the service provider will take care of all the PRO services alleviating the need for an in-house team while saving your investments in resources.


We take care of all the documentation for your business licenses and visa processing allowing you to focus on your core business activities. We will update you with the status of the application at every step of the process.

Stay Up-to-date

We help you stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the UAE governance laws and manage the process required to comply with the current standards.


We will remind you about the expiry and renewal of your existing licenses and visa and apply for the renewals after consulting with you.