Procedure and Type of Visa Required for Business Setup in UAE


Are you planning to set up business in UAE? Thinking what to do to start a small business in the UAE? Then you must first learn the procedure and the type of visa required for business setup in UAE. Before setting up a company in Dubai/UAE, you need to make a decision; whether to set up business on the mainland or in a free zone based on various aspects such as nature of ownership, nature of trade, extent of liability, partners or agents involvement, and economic benefits that can be reaped.

Business set up on the mainland

Setting up a business on the mainland has several benefits such as flexibility to do business anywhere in the UAE, availability of more business activities for licensing, no limit on the number of visas, and no business or personal taxes. In order to set up the business, first, you need to contact the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective emirate to get the initial approval and then register your trade name.

Setting up a company in Dubai / UAE involve raising capital investment for employee visas and license approvals. The investment depends on the nature of the license required (be it the commercial, service-oriented or industrial company) and legal form of the company; whether it is a branch of the company or complete establishment.

The partners' nationality determines the type of business you can set up in the UAE. Partners from UAE nationals are allowed to set up certain types of businesses whereas people from other nationals can set up remaining business types only when including a UAE national as a sponsor.

Business set up in a free zone

Free zone or free trade zone is an assigned geographical area where certain restrictions or taxes on business, trade, or employment do not apply in a similar way that applies to the country where the zone is located. The customs authorities will not intervene in the landing of the goods, handling materials, manufacturing, and re-exporting. The goods that are moved to the consumers within the free zone located country only become subject to the regular custom duties. The free zones usually organized around international airports, major seaports, and national frontiers with added advantages for trade.

Setting up a business in the free zone will benefit business owners with 100 percent import and export tax exemptions, 100 percent recovery of capital and profits, no personal income tax, and no corporate tax. Also, you don't need to tie up with any UAE national.

Visa Requirements for Business setup in UAE

If you are not a UAE citizen, you must apply for a visa before entering the UAE.

Multiple entry visa for business visitors

If you are regularly visiting the company in the UAE, you may apply for a six-month multiple-entry visa. Each visit should not exceed 30 days and the visa is non-renewable.

To speed up the process of setting up a company in Dubai / UAE, you can look for a provider who can offer business setup services in Dubai /UAE.