What is the best area for setting up business in Dubai?


Dubai is the favourite business destination for many entrepreneurs around the world because of its tax-free environment, ease of doing business, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a strong economy. Though the city offers several locations to set up businesses, choosing the best location for your business setup in Dubai is crucial as it impacts your business success. But, how do you find out which area is the best for setting up business in Dubai. Well, here are a few locations that are most reliable and add value to your business.  

Sheik Zayed Road

Sheik Zayed Road is one of the popular commercial hubs in Dubai with tremendous infrastructure and varied business setups. It is the busiest highway with high-rise buildings that host business hubs, residential apartments, and serviced hotels. The road connects to another largest city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi and the highway also stretches to other Emirates. It is a notable landmark with all the facilities and amenities, making it the perfect location for setting up business in Dubai. It enables easy access to reach the destination through public transports such as metro and bus stops.

Business Bay

It is a global commercial center and is the most sought-after destination for investors. It is known as the district of skyscrapers with tallest residential and commercial hubs and is located on the banks of the Dubai Canal offering an incredible view of the Dubai skyline. It provides excellent facilities required for business setup in Dubai and various opportunities to grow. From SME's to large corporations, Business Bay is an ideal place to start a business as it is a perfect balance of commercial and residential hubs while also featuring the retail and entertainment outlets. 

Al Karama

Al Karama is the residential district of Dubai, which is a part of the older area of the city. Since it is located in the central part of Dubai and is the most populous residential area with thousands of people, Al Karama is ideal for retail, restaurant, and real estate business setup in Dubai. The area is also suitable for small and medium businesses as it offers office spaces for rent at affordable prices. It is one of the most accessible destinations in Dubai with a wide range of transport facilities available.


It is the oldest commercial center of Dubai, which is a home for popular souks, a major trading hub. It is a perfect area if you prefer setting up business in Dubai prime location as it is located in the center of the city connecting old Dubai and new Dubai, surrounded by the World Trade Center and other prominent areas, and is just a 10 min drive away from Dubai International Airport. 

Bur Dubai

It is the earliest commercial space featuring the rich historic tradition of the Middle East. It is a well-known tourist destination with souks, museums, and historic buildings, which facilitates the hospitality industry. The area is also a suitable choice for gold trading, spice trading, and textile industry business set up in Dubai