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How To Do Market Research

When you conduct a marketing research, you can use the results either to create a business
and marketing plan or to measure the success of your current plan.Here are the two types of
market research that can help you get started.

Primary Research:

1- surveys
The survey is a method of gathering information from people and it’s done through a very
concise questionnaire by 4 common ways of data collecting. Example ( online surveys, Email
Surveys, one to one interviews, and phone surveys)
2- Focus groups
The focus group is a method to gather feedback and opinions by a group of people who are
encouraged to participate in a pre-planned discussion by a researcher and guided by a
facilitator through scripted questionnaire or video sessions
3- Field trials
Field trials are always a good way for testing customer response to a new product or service
that have been launched under real life condition. By using free sample gifting or taking direct
reviews or even online distributions.
4-Personal Interview
The purpose of conducting a personal interview is to explore the responses of the
people to gather more and deeper information by recording, open ended discussion, in
person interview or asking unstructured queries. and this method is utilized when a
specific target population is involved.
Observation technique is one of the oldest methods used in marketing research through direct
observation of people whether by capturing videos in different places or by cookies on computers
used to track users’ web views and visits

Secondary Research:

1- Quantitative research
Qualitative research deals with the numerical and statistical data rather than opinions and
convert all of them to numbers. Quantitative research is often conducted using phone surveys,
web analytical surveys, hybrid survey methods, which are best at collecting structured data.

2- Qualitative research
Qualitative research is the method of gathering information about attitudes, feelings and views
of the customers through case studies, in depth interviews or ethnographic studies.

The Evolution of market research has added new dimensions to the business solutions and its

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