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Recruitment Process In Dubai

Dubai is now considered the new global business hub in the middle east, also its one of the best
world destinations for anyone to find a career. The emirate of Dubai is ideal to be whether self
employed or an employer.
For all this attractions, no doubt to find lots of people applying for jobs everyday.

If you are a new business or an already existing business, you need to follow these steps for
hiring your new employee
Step #1 : Define the job
Job description is the most basic factor in recruitment process. If you need to hire a senior
manager or an office helper, you need to define the job description and specify what individual
is perfect for your new job posting
Step#2 : Finding applicants
Dubai, being one of the fastest growing economies, there are plenty of online platforms and
recruitment agencies with qualified candidates. To hire your new employee, you can find the
right resumes through online job portals and through recruitment agencies. If your company is
larger than 20 employees, it is better to approach online or offline recruitment agencies to find
your new employee in less time.
Step#3 : Getting A-level candidates
Once suitable applicants have been recognized, they should be selected. At the end of the day,
they should be sold on the opportunity, as well as on the organization. Top applicants are not
simply intrigued by an extraordinary new activity. They’re keen on an incredible new activity with
an awesome new manager or the company.
Step #4 : Employment offer
Once you have found the right candidate, you need to give the job offer letter to them. The offer
letter should have information such as, company details, job description, salary and other
benefits, joining date, annual holidays etc. If you have selected the candidate through a
recruitment agency, you can send the offer letter through them and let them do the negotiations
and confirmation.
Step #5 : Legal Contract
This is the final step of hiring an employee in Dubai. Once the offer letter is handed over to the
new employee, you need to start the visa process of the candidate. The candidate’s personal
details, education certificates and other required papers have to be submitted along with the
legal employment contract signed by the employee and the employer to the Dubai Immigration

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